Does it make sense to
save water but
waste electricity?

Voda represents our response
to that question.

One of a kind

A Patented Zero Carbon, Space Saving & Cost Efficient
Rainwater Harvesting System

Minimal & Sleek

For the first time,
rainwater harvesting is
stylish & easy

Various designs to
meet every need

Select from a range of
sizes, specifications and price points.

By 2050, half of the world is
projected to face water stress

Our goal is simple - to secure our water resource, one Voda at a time

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GMH Logo
Green Master Harvest Sdn Bhd

Redefining sustainable solutions for the future

As a rainwater harvesting system specialist in Malaysia, Green Master Harvest designs and supplies rainwater harvesting systems under the brand Voda (patented under Application No: PI 2013701921).

What sets Voda apart from traditional rainwater systems is its design, being one of the first that does not require an electrical pump, functioning only by gravitational force.

Backed by our design & architectural team, we also offer rainwater harvesting system advisory/consultations, design & build and customisation services to accomplish tailored solutions that is zero/low carbon.

Litres of Water
Harvested Annually


Various Designs To Fit Every Need

Voda has served a diverse range of clientele in Malaysia comprising corporates, property  developers, architects, engineers and household consumers in fulfilling their water-conservation intentions.

Throughout our work, our approach is consistent – which is to provide clients high-quality water saving solutions that are practical, cost saving, eco-friendly, stylish and optimal for their structures.




“To do more for the world than the world does for you – that is success”

– Henry Ford

We see our role in the community a pivotal one in averting a water crisis.

We do so by carrying various activities with 2 objectives in mind:-

  1. To help meet daily water demands of save treated water
  2. To widely promote the practice of rainwater harvesting

Among activities, we’re carried out give-back programs benefiting various schools/NGOs as well as talks on water preservation & rainwater harvesting.

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rainwater harvesting in malaysia
Choosing a suitable rainwater harvesting system can be a daunting task, especially when there are a vast array of systems
How Does Voda Rainwater System Work
The way rainwater harvesting works can summarised in 3 steps:- Step 1 – Collect Step 2 – Store Step 3
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rumah teres
VODA Sistem Penuaian Air Hujan Spah di Kuala Lumpur Jenis: Rumah Teres Tarikh Pemasangan: May 2014 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
rainwater harvesting in malaysia
Following the 1998 water crisis, which had severely affected the Klang Valley, the Government of Malaysia, alongside various official institutions,
achitech adapt
VODA RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEM IN KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA  Property: Terrace  Installed in: May 2014  Taman United, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Voda