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How Does Voda Rainwater Harvesting Work

The way rainwater harvesting works can summarised in 3 steps:-

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Step 1 – Collect

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Step 2 – Store

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Step 3 – Reuse

Malaysia is blessed with an abundant and frequent annual rainfall of 2000mm to 2500mm. Therefore, it is a waste should all the rainwater is drained off instead of being used.

Rainwater harvesting is a process of collecting and storing rainwater for reuse.

Step 1 – Collect

The rainwater harvesting process begins by collecting rainwater.

Rainwater typically falls onto our roofs and subsequently collected by gutters and channelled to rainwater downpipes be drained off.

To harvest instead of wasting away all the rainwater, a rainwater filter diverter (Voda Self-Cleansing Filter) is installed at the rainwater downpipe to filter & divert rainwater into a storage tank (Voda Rainwater Tank).


Step 2 – Store

Rainwater is then stored in a rainwater tank (Voda Rainwater Tank). Rainwater tanks are available in many sizes depending on the user’s intended usage (i.e. what is the rainwater used for) & space availability (i.e. how much space does the premise have for a rainwater tank).

Unlike traditional systems that are bulky and space consuming, Voda Rainwater Harvesting System, given its rectangular and wall mounted design, is slim and space saving. Its wall mounted design also enables the system to be zero carbon & gravitational (functioning only by gravity force) instead of relying on electricity.

Space saving & gravitational Voda 2 Rainwater Harvesting System

Step 3 - Use

Rainwater stored then can be used to serve a variety of usage including watering plants, landscaping, outdoor washing and toilet flushing.

Illustration: How Voda Rainwater Harvesting System Works
  1. Existing Water Tank – Supplements rainwater tank with back up municipal water
  2. Filter – Traps coarse sediments and diverts rainwater into Voda
  3. Overflow – Releases excessive rainwater
  4. Brackets – Supports & wall mounts Voda
  5. Distribution Pipes – Distributes rainwater to WC & tap
  6. Back-Up Mechanism – Draws municipal water from main tank when Voda’s capacity is low
  7. Gutter – Collects rainwater
  8. Rainwater Downpipe – Drains excess rainwater
  9. Garden Tap

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