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Malaysia Rain Harvesting System Designed Without Electric Pumps

Property Type: Bungalow
Installed in: April 2014

SS1, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia – While rain harvesting can combat water crisis, one needs to rely on an electric pump to power a rainwater harvesting system traditionally.

What sets Voda Rainwater Harvesting System apart is that it does not rely on electricity but solely functions on gravitational force.

This means that Voda is not only kind to the environment (i.e. zero carbon/fully gravitational), but is also cost saving and low maintenance.

Voda is also equipped with a Voda Self-Cleansing Filter that does not require regular maintenance and replacement.

With Voda, the family can now benefit from sufficient rain to water its plants. The family can do so by just leveraging on gravity – without emitting any carbon to the environment. Plus, by harnessing rain, the family saves treated water – which is then secured for drinking needs.

Because the large garden area of this bungalow, the owner subsequently opted to set up 2 more sets of Voda Rain Harvesting System, 1 of which was modularly expanded/connected.

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