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As a rainwater-harvesting system specialist, Green Master Harvest Sdn Bhd  (1079627-D) designs and supplies rainwater harvesting systems, with Voda being its flagship brand.

A patented technology (Patent Number: MY-178044-A), Voda is the first wall-mounted rain system, making it zero carbon & space saving.

Backed by its architectural unit, the Group also offers rainwater-harvesting advisory/consultations, design & build services and assists in rain-harvesting related council matters.

To date, Green Master Harvest has served a diverse range of clientele comprising property developers, architects, engineers, corporates and consumers in fulfilling their water-conservation intentions.

Throughout its work, its approach is consistent – which is to provide clients high-quality water saving solutions that are practical, cost saving, eco-friendly and stylish.

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Our Philosophy

Setting the scene for a better tomorrow

Green Master Harvest fully embodies its vision of providing efficient solutions and is willing to go the extra mile today for a better tomorrow. We believe that addressing deficiencies in the market begins with not just a great idea, but also a deep understanding of what is lacking. We contrive to make a lasting impact, and produce to make it happen with our innovative designs and manufacturing systems that translate into smarter, more affordable solutions for consumers. Transforming creative ideas into actual production is achieved via our emphasis on research and development.

Our flagship product, the revolutionary and patented Voda Rainwater Harvesting System (Sistem Penuaian Air Hujan SPAH), is one such example of our innovative products. To date, Voda is installed in various states across Malaysia, including SPAH-compulsory states such as Selangor (Klang Valley), Johor, Malacca, Perlis, Perak and Kelantan. Voda is only the first of more to come as we fulfill our long-term aspirations of offering more life-changing solutions to tackle existing inefficiencies in the market.

While rainwater harvesting can solve water crisis, you need an electric pump to harvest rain. It didn’t make sense to me to save water but use electricity. That was what compelled me to create Voda.

Sit Heng Yeen


Voda’s inventor and an architect by profession, Sit Heng Yeen, received his education at the prestigious Architectural Association of London.

Sit’s idea of a practical rainwater harvesting system came about when his architecture submissions which weren’t equipped with such systems were rejected by the state council. This was following the amendment made to the Malaysian’s Uniform Building By Law in 2012 requiring newly built detached buildings, bungalows and semi-detached bungalows be equipped with rainwater harvesting systems.

Given the lack of practical systems in the market coupled with Sit’s deep passion in problem solving, he undertook a challenge. After extensive research & development and design works, he invented and patented the Voda Rainwater Harvesting System as a solution for his clients’ new developments.

He later founded Green Master Harvest Sdn Bhd, alongside a few partners, to make his invention available to the masses. He leads research & development efforts, rainwater harvesting advisory and oversees manufacturing operations of Green Master Harvest.


Pui San plays a vital role in Green Master Harvest as she spearheads Business Development & Marketing initiatives as well as leads Operational matters of the organisation.

Prior to Green Master Harvest, she has assumed finance and business roles in multinational corporations Ernst & Young and General Electric.

She served as a senior credit rating analyst in Malaysia’s leading credit rating agency, RAM Rating Services Berhad where she spent the majority of her corporate career and where she gained wide exposure to businesses in various industries.

Pui San is an Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants (ACCA) holder. She finished the professional paper with a First Class Honors in Bachelor Science of Applied Accounting.

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